28 Jun

4 Must-Have Features of an Online Booking System

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In case you are contemplating having an online booking system, you surely need one that actively generates more sales. The system must have the right software with high-end features to increase the bookings and provide your clients with excellent customer experience. In this post, we are going to cover four features that will not only enhance good customer experience but also make your work easier as a tour guide or a transport manager.


Include a Catchy Image Gallery

You need to create a good first impression because there is no second chance for this. The impression you create will determine whether you get more bookings or none. A booking system with relevant features such as images allows the clients to visualise prospective real-time experience when they book with your company. A well-defined image gallery on the system gives you the opportunity to showcase the beautiful sceneries that the clients will see while travelling in your company. The image gallery should also highlight the features of every scenery you intend. Also, don’t forget to put the images and details of your workforce as it gives the company character.

Include a PayPal payment option

When it comes to payment, your booking system should give the customers convenient payment options. They don’t need to make long queues in the bank to pay for their bookings. PayPal is one of the most convenient methods of payments because it allows the clients at the comfort of their homes. It also enhances your validity as a travelling agent and shows that you value customer’s privacy and security. A good booking system should allow you to use PayPal as a payment option.


Include a Catchy Booking Button

It is preferable you use a button that is labelled “Book Now” (see example here) because it contains actionable language that is straight to the point. Make sure it is bold and appealing. Your prospective clients are browsing, and since most of them are in a hurry, they might miss it if it is subtle. Also, make sure that the button is easy to find. Don’t hide in a given page or use a link to access it. Reserve a prominent place for it for more accessibility.

Include a Blog Spot

Having a blog spot has a myriad of benefits. It helps drive traffic to the website and convert it to leads. This is what every business person wants, and a booking system that doesn’t have a blog spot can reduce your sale conversion rates. Your blog spot can cover variety of topics. For instance, you could create a blog spot that covers topics about nightlife, party avenues and road trips. Use the blog to give more insight about travelling destinations or any other relevant information that can be useful to the customers. If possible, include a forum just below each blog you write to get customer feedback and views.

Final Thought

Online booking system is essential for a serious travelling company or agent. It allows people across the globe to find, and that is why you must consider as a top priority in your marketing strategies. However, you need to make sure that the system has features mentioned above for a better experience.