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Website Promotion For Tourism Websites

What’s the point of having a website if no one visits it?

Having a website does not mean instant success on the search engines or even instant visitors and to think otherwise would leave you nothing but disappointed. Unfortunately, that’s the internet and you have to be proactive in your online marketing otherwise your website will be just be another fish in the sea.

There is very little point in blowing your marketing budget on a new website if you have not included website promotion into that budget.

So what is website promotion? We don’t mean to run an advertisement in a local travel magazine with your website’s domain name. There’s much more to promoting and marketing your website than print media. Online promotion covers a variety of services which all enhance your websites performance on search engines therefore providing your website FREE visitors.

These promotional services can be split into two areas; on-page promotion and off-page promotion.

On-Page promotion meaning internal changes to your website that can be visible or invisible but occur within the pages of your website. Such changes include Meta tags; title, description keywords and content optimisation; making sure you have the balance of keywords within your content to ensure the website has the best chance of being indexed by search engines for those search terms.

Off-Page promotion are methods that occur external to your website. These include such methods as link building, article swapping, social media and even the hosting you choose for your website can affect how your website ranks on search engines.

The most important search engine ranking factors are ‘Keyword Focused Anchor Text from External Links’ which is given 73% importance* followed by ‘External Link Popularity’ at 71% importance*. So what does this mean? This comes back to link building – Link building is all about getting other websites to link to your website – think of it as a popularity competition. If you website has 1000 links, where your competition’s website only has 500, chances are your website will rank higher than your competitions. The later percentage though is where it gets tricky… ‘External Link Popularity’ meaning quantity/quality of external links. There is strict criteria for selecting the website you want to link to you and this is very important to get correct as having websites from ‘bad neighbourhoods’ linking to your website can be detrimental to your websites rankings.

If you would like to know more about the website promotion options available for your travel or accommodation website,contact Ignition Media for package prices.